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Drinking Water Quality - Assignment Example

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This essay, Drinking Water Quality, talks about water quality refers to the suitability of water in sustaining various uses or processes. Any particular use of water necessitates some requirements for the physical, biological and chemical composition of water. …
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Drinking Water Quality
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Extract of sample "Drinking Water Quality"

Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that water quality is very important to humanity as well as the survival of other species. First of all, portable water is highly scarce. More crucially, only 3% of the world’s water is safe for drinking and 2% of this water is found ice and glaciers. Therefore, it is only 1% of the world’s water that is actually available for drinking. This is the reason why water quality is an important topic to many people. Water is very important to the daily life of a human being. Water is an integral part of most items we purchase and consume each day. This includes the various foods and drinks. Quality drinking water is important to human health and the general well-being. Water is also used throughout our homes for purposes of cooking, bathing, cleaning, laundry, watering plants and a many other purposes.

This study highlights that human activities also have a high influence on water quality. Water pollution due to human as well as industrial activities have led to some devastating effects on the whole ecosystem. Developing countries are struggling with intestinal diseases while the developed ones face eutrophication. It is clear that although there may be an adequate supply of water, the unsuitable quality of this water is likely to limit its use. Therefore, we should avoid engaging in activities that pose a challenge to water quality. The hypothesis that guided this study is that Sharjah tap water has less than 500ml/L TDS. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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