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Hydrostatic Pressure - Lab Report Example

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A lab practical was undertaken to study and understand the principles, working and utility of this fluid pressure. This lab report includes the theoretical background,…
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Hydrostatic Pressure
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Extract of sample "Hydrostatic Pressure"

Download file to see previous pages A fluid in this condition is known as a hydrostatic fluid (Myers, 2006). So our Hydrostatic pressure lab was to determine the hydrostatic pressure of water on a flat surface, adding weight and then filling the tank with water to the point where the apparatus was in equilibrium in order to calculate the force on the flat surface using the given equations.
The Fluid Mechanics laboratory provides a “hands on” environment that is crucial for developing students understanding of theoretical concepts (Damodara Reddy, 2012). Fluid mechanics laboratory is where fluids and their flows are studied and observed such as “Pressure variations of compressible fluids when they are allowed to flow through convergent divergent nozzles, calibration of pressure gauges and theoretical demonstration of different laws of fluid mechanics and others” (Desmukh, 2009).
The objective of this experiment was to “calculate the hydrostatic force a fluid exerts on a submerged plane surface” and then liken the experimental hydrostatic force to the theoretical hydrostatic force. Furthermore, we will calculate the center of pressure for a plane surface partially submerged in a fluid and then for the plane surface full submerged in the fluid.
Firstly, the following measurements were made; of quadrant’s end face, lever arm length and the distance between pivot and the lower edge. Now with the apparatus placed steadily on the stall, position the balance arm on the knife edge pivot and hang the weight pan from the balance arm.The apparatus was made use of adjustable feet and spirit level. Now the counterbalance was rotated until the balance is level and the counterbalance was to remain at the same position for the whole experiment.Now a mass of 50g was positioned on the weight pan and water was added until the balance arm was horizontal. The mass on the water pan and water level were measured Now we increment the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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