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PCBs are normally synthetic in nature. The main characteristics of PCBs are, they are non-flammable, they have a high boiling point, they are stable, and they exhibit electrical…
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TSCA definitions
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Download file to see previous pages he various ways in which one can be exposed to PCBs include breathing air that contain PCBs, eating food that contain PCBs, or touching anything that contains them. PCBs usually remain in the environment for long periods of time, and for this reason, therefore, people can easily be exposed to them when they come in contact with things that contain them. Due to their long stay in the environment, one can easily be exposed to them by coming into contact with the equipment or any other thing that contain them like the, electrical transformers, capacitors, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and appliances. It is recommended by NIOSH that workers should not breathe air that contains 42 or 54% chlorine, i.e. PCB levels higher than 1 microgram per cubic meter of air (�g/m3) for a 10-hour workday, 40-hour workweek. EPA demands that companies that either transport, store, or dispose of PCBs adhere to the rules and regulations of the federal hazardous waste management program. Also, EPA limits the amount of PCBs put into public waste water treatment plants.
Hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) is a valence state (+6) of the element chromium; there are many more valences of the element chromium. Cr(VI) is produced through an industrial process. One of the bad effects of Cr(VI) to human beings is that Cr(VI) is known to cause cancer. Also, Cr(VI) targets the respiratory system, liver, kidneys, skin and eyes. From the OSAH website we learn that approximately 558,000 workers are potentially exposed to Cr(VI) in the United States. Employees can be exposed to hex chrome in different was including breathing in of dusts, mists or fume, ingestion, or through dermal or eye contact . Wellbeing impacts related with presentation to hex chrome can include disturbance or harm to the skin and eyes. 
Direct skin contact to Hex Chrome can bring about undesirable susceptible response known as contact dermatitis. Once an anaphylaxis grows, even concise skin contact can bring about manifestations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TSCA Definitions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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