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Reducing the rate CO2 emissions by reducing deforestation in poorer countries. Should richer countries pay poorer countries to stop cutting down trees - Essay Example

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Besides its deleterious impacts on the ecosystem, biodiversity, and livelihoods, it has proven to be a key drive towards climate change. Fundamentally, deforestation contributes to approximately a fifth of the greenhouse emission…
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Reducing the rate CO2 emissions by reducing deforestation in poorer countries. Should richer countries pay poorer countries to stop cutting down trees
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Extract of sample "Reducing the rate CO2 emissions by reducing deforestation in poorer countries. Should richer countries pay poorer countries to stop cutting down trees"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, the environment faces many stern adverse effects. For instance, there is habitat loss causing numerous species that are dependent on the forests to go extinct. Notwithstanding, there is a massive climate change attributed to the acts of deforestation. Essentially, there is an urgent need for the developed countries to intervene and provide funds for poorer nations to help thwart deforestation.
Arguably, reduction of emissions emanating from deforestation and environmental degradation can greatly assist in curbing global warming and climate change. Nevertheless, developing nations are not in a position to avoid deforestation because they depend on agriculture for their food security. The situation leads to a need for more land that is essential for agriculture due to a rapidly growing human population. In return, more forests are in danger since they face an invasion from the farmers. Notably, if the developed nations could intervene, more forests can be saved. In subduing deforestation in poorer countries, developed countries need to come together and establish treaties that would support other food production methods. For instance, the alternative methods of agricultural production are expensive for poorer countries to implement. As such, they resort to cheap and easy methods of land cultivation that requires large tracts leading to increased cutting of trees. Thus, financial support to implement such means of alternative agriculture can save the forests a great deal.
Poverty has played a substantial role in the degradation of the environment. Most of the world’s rainforests reside in the poorest countries in the universe. The inhabitants of these poor regions rely on the forest ecosystems for survival. Activities in this context entail collection of wood for fuel, gathering, hunting, and they receive some finances from companies that exploit the forest resources. Similarly, most of the people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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