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The Anti-Malthusians that human population does not have effect on human live since people can adjust and meet the resource supply. On the other hand, Neo Malthusians believe that…
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Neo-Malthusians and Anti-Multhusians
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Neo-Malthusians and Anti-Malthusians Neo-Malthusians and Anti-Malthusians Introduction Based on human population effects, Neo-Malthusians and Anti-Malthusians have different perception. The Anti-Malthusians that human population does not have effect on human live since people can adjust and meet the resource supply. On the other hand, Neo Malthusians believe that the size of population is depended to food supply. Neo-Malthusians believe that an increase in population will lead to human problems like famine, disease, and low living standards. The two have different perception on the effects of population.
Anti-Malthusians beliefs that population growth does not have any effect to human life. The increase in population makes people to adjust and stimulate or trigger change in agricultural production techniques (Hubbert, 2010). According to Anti-Malthusians perception on population growth, people can adjust and cope with the current resource needs and food. An increase of population will make people to make adjustment in agriculture by using techniques like greenhouse crops, fish farming, artificial pesticides and terrace farming in order to meet the demand (DP Geography, 2015).
On the other hand, Neo-Malthusians believe that growth in pollution will affect human life. Neo-Malthusians claim that, population growth will brings about war, diseases, low standards of living and famine (Sunderline, 2003). In order to avoid those calamities the population growth should be accompanied by an increase in food supply. The Neo-Malthusians perception is correct because an increase of people will mark an increase in food demand. If the increase in food demand will not be handled then people will be face more difficulties (Weeks, 2015).
Neo-Malthusians and Anti-Malthusians have different perception on the effects of population growth. The Neo-Malthusians beliefs are correct because an increase in population will cause an increase in resource demand. It will take time to adjust in order to meet the demand. Anti-Malthusian belief that the population will cope by adjusting food production techniques hence there will be no effect. Population growth always brings about changes which can take people more time before adjusting.
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