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Population Control and Earths Sustainability - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "Population Control and Earth’s Sustainability" is purposed to analyze if the earth is capable of sustaining the human population, to discuss measures and programs aimed at controlling population and their effects to the population…
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Population Control and Earths Sustainability
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Download file to see previous pages No matter the increase in population, the earth cannot exceed its ‘carrying capacity’. Proponents of population control argue that if the current trend of increase in world’s population continues without any action taken to control, it will lead to overpopulation that would exceed the earth’s capacity (Navarro 1). However, the big question raised here is what is the carrying earth’s capacity and is it possible to measure this capacity? This is because one needs to know the exact carrying capacity of the earth for them to say that it would be exceeded with the bulging human population. The truth is there is no conclusive evidence showing the carrying capacity of the earth and indicating that if the world’s population exceeds a certain level, the earth will not be able to sustain it. In fact, the earth can comfortably sustain the human population as it still has enough resources to achieve this. However, to achieve this requires proper maintenance of these resources to avoid wastage. In addition, the earth still has vast land and resources to cater for the population. For example, Tanzania in East Africa has a population of about California and Virginia’s population combined, but with a land larger than Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, and California combined (Navarro 2). This is just an example of several countries with vast land enough to sustain their populations, and the populations beyond. Increase in population does not automatically lead to a reduction in earth’s resources for the population causing famine and starvation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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