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Post Modernism and Globalization - Essay Example

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In the paper “Post Modernism and Globalization” the author analyzes the culture of post modernism. Post modernism generally views objective truth and cultural narratives in vain and is characterized by the growth of a contemporary culture; the culture of interconnectedness across political…
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Post Modernism and Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages While others view globalization as leading to heterogeneity through heightened hybridization, other quarters view it as something that is leading more towards the production of diversity. Globalization according to many scholars, who believe in post modernism, has caused great ripples in the cultural political and economic situation and stability of the word and has led to new dispensations (Giddens, 1990)..
In spite of the existence of several descriptions of the term globalization, believers of postmodernism have come to the point of stating that globalization is a historical break from the norm; one that has been characterized by the development of transnational capitalism, the production of post –Fordism configuration or the view that globalization is a new cultural view of what has previously been termed as capitalism.
Implications of Globalization
It is beyond doubt that globalization has upon the world fallen with its effects beyond taking for granted. The phenomenon has been associated with several benefits and limitations. The benefits of globalization include the opening of markets, greater k[prosperity for societies, freer trade, greater respect for individuals and communities and the springing of a global culture that has greater respect for human rights based on western ideologies as noted by Lipietz (1996). Conversely, the alternative side of globalization has mainly included the weakening and possible abolition of cultural and national liberties by transnational organizations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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