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The paper "Environmental Concern in Indiana" discusses the crucial points of the crop farming sector in the US and in Indiana in particular. The author of the paper presents the analysis of crop farming economics and its influence on the environment and human resources within this sector…
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Environmental Concern in Indiana
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The import of the commodities may, however, mean higher cost of crop products that could be unaffordable to some people. In addition, such imports may not meet the quality levels that domestic products had, a factor that would undermine the level of utility. In an attempt to resolve the scarcity concern, reliance on chemically processed substitutes or genetically engineered crop products could emerge in the economy but these could have adverse health implications.
The use of chemically processed foods may intoxicate people while genetically engineered foods may alter change cell structure to alter people’s body physiology. Farmers would also lose their jobs and this would mean their lost earnings. Following the loss, the poverty rate is likely to increase and its effects such as inability to meet social needs are likely. With the inability to meet care costs, quality of life is likely to deteriorate and escalate problems that could arise from the scarcity of food or the use of chemically processed foods (Ball State University 9, 10). Low life expectancy is another anticipated effect of the concern, as residents of the state would suffer from famine. This could also lead to a high mortality rate, especially among poor members of the society who have been relying on crop farming for their income (Doblhammer, Berg, and Lumey n.p.). Read More
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