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It is done by an independent party and it brings out the affirmation that the organization operating the building is focused and environment…
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What is the advantages of having green building and LEEDS certificate
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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES LEED certificate is becoming the generally accepted certification that the building constructed is environment friendly or going green. It is done by an independent party and it brings out the affirmation that the organization operating the building is focused and environment friendly. There are various benefits of having a LEED certificate for your organization.
Happier employees that the company they are working with is concerned about the environment. Also for building to get the certificate they have to ensure that buildings have large windows and also this ensures direct sunlight for the employees. Besides large windows the space is comfortable and remember the mantra happy employees lead to happy customers.
Public Image is positive. Every stakeholder from the shareholder to the customer will be happy to be associated with such accompany or an organization. This will also build a brand for the business and you never know it might lead to more business for the organization.
Lower operating cost are brought about this is because this building tend to have renewable source of energy such as solar and with this equipment’s installed can bring the cost of power lower therefore being able to save on some expenses in the organization. The future of business goes to those who minimize cost and maximize on sales.
Community benefits such as ensure that there is water efficiency which can be used in other ways like planting of flowers and watering of flowers in the organization. They can also install water fountains which can be used in beautification of the premises. Read More
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