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The HafenCity core location has sustainable qualities - Essay Example

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These are such as culture, environment, economics and society. Thus, the expansion of the HafenCity Humbug should incorporate such aspects. It is of great significance to urban development sustainability prediction and…
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The HafenCity core location has sustainable qualities
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Download file to see previous pages These principles are essential in defining the continuity and integrity of urban designed systems. This eventually would result to the planners having a clue on how to plan and predict urban ecological and socio-economic developments perspectives. Furthermore, it will enhance the harmonization, integrity and mutual consistency with the prediction and urban development documents. Therefore, urban developments that are sustainable should focus on objectives that are long-term. In addition to that, it should address the existing environmental and socio-economic problems existing in the cities and also focus on future preconditions (Vanags and Grizans, 2010, p.1100).
Cities are considered to be territorial and socio-economic unit in which economic and business activities are carried out, job opportunities are created, emergence of new technologies occur. Despite the advantages of Hafencity Humbug city expansion, it poses threats to the sustainability of the environment as it will lead to increased population and industrial expansion. In such cases, the demand for urban resources will drastically increase and consequently the amount of waste stream. The urban planners may attempt to provide improvements to the local environment while inadequately addressing issues such as the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming which are characterized by urban behaviour external impacts. Thus, in such a context, urban sustainable development should be perceived as a wider goal of integral ingredient, working towards achieving a sustainable global development. These goals are veered towards the promotion of inter-generational equity, geographical equity, social justice and environmental stewardship (Haughton 1997, p.193). In addition to that, the documents used to formulate city strategies are wide and might ignore important information needed to monitor the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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