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Green Maps for a More Sustainable Future - Essay Example

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This paper "Green Maps for a More Sustainable Future" seeks to address a development project being carried out by GlobalGiving on climate change Canada that is currently ongoing. Climate change is one of the major challenging issues in the society today…
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Green Maps for a More Sustainable Future
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Download file to see previous pages More tasks carried out by the organization are through partnering with other institution in carrying out projects such as educating the society, feeding the hungry, providing men and women with skills that are aimed at elevating their living status among others. All the projects carried out are geared towards adhering to the mission and vision of the organization. The mission of the organization is geared towards getting people to lose with the aim of impacting positive change while its vision is to catalyze a global market for information, ideas, and money that democratizes philanthropy (Globalgiving, 2015).
The funding of this organization is through donors and well-wishers. Some of the organizations that the institution has partnered with are Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Omidyar Network, USAID (Global Development Alliance), and The Rockefeller Foundation among others (Globalgiving, 2015). It is approximated that since 2002 the number of donors is roughly 421,651 and have carried out approximately 11,669 projects. The projects vary from country to country or region to region depending on situations and needs.Moreover, the projects are of different topics such as finance, education, climate change among other numerous topics ((Globalgiving, 2015).
This paper seeks to address a development project being carried out by GlobalGiving on climate change Canada that is currently ongoing. Climate change is one of the major challenging issues in the society today. People have tried modifying the daily weather either by increasing or decreasing heat or temperature of the surrounding. These increase and decrease over a long period of time contribute to climate change. The threat posed by climate change has awakened international community and various governments to start setting up mitigation measures.However, in North America, response to climate change has met several challenges.These challenges are that the public have a conviction and belief ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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