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Sustainable Development Through Green Growth - Research Paper Example

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As the report declares the global economy in the 21st century is continuing to face many environmental challenges. In order to address these challenges many resolute initiatives, policies and actions need to be incorporated so that the economic recovery returns onto sustainable path of growth.
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Sustainable Development Through Green Growth
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Development Through Green Growth"

Download file to see previous pages This study discusses that lack of environmental sustainability could .consequence into water scarcity, air pollution, restricted access to the availability of limited natural resources, and even the danger of more regular severe climate conditions and remarkable climatic modifications. Such environmental impacts will put economic development and sustainability at danger of an unduly high share of the burden on the humanity. Insufficient environmental sustainability will mostly affect the poor economies which still have not been able to develop in many parts of the world.  

From this paper it is clear that the research should start with finding relevant sources of information and previous studies on topics of environmental sustainability. Other foundation activities must include the identification of possible global organizations and contributors who has helped or is presently helping the act of sustainability through rigorous efforts. Such stakeholders may include the list of information users, labor representatives, business associations, civil society organizations, and experts. Keeping in mind that a balance needs to be established between different stakeholder groups and regions covered under the study. If the study focuses on a particular region in USA, then other developing economies like Africa and its environmental sustainability aspects might get ignored. Hence, following the background of the research and the literature review. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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