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Concerned parties have proposed chemical engineering as the solution for global warming. Global warming requires cost-effective mitigating methods that…
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Comments and Feedback about Sustainability Blog Posts
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Blog Comment Global warming has been happening at an unprecedented rate yet there has been little consensus on how to deal with the menace. Concernedparties have proposed chemical engineering as the solution for global warming. Global warming requires cost-effective mitigating methods that will be beneficial to the environment. Geo-engineering will be effective since it applies the proposals such as carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management. The two proposals will meet the goal since the former entails increasing the natural carbon sinks while the latter involves solar energy. It would be incomprehensible to oppose such moves since the overall goal of reducing global warming can be achieved through such efforts. Indeed, not every proposal lacks opposition. Opponents have been citing a host of problems associated with climate engineering. They concur that these technologies are not practical despite having promising advantages. It would be advantageous if the opponents were citing mitigating factors that will prevent the uncertainties from occurring. Adverse effects of climate change have begun afflicting the earth. Geoengineering should not be taken as the sole mitigating plan rather it should be one of the solution. Governments should be committed in setting aside funds that will facilitate chemical engineering. Read More
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