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The Use of Social Media on Small and Medium Hospitality Enterprise - Essay Example

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The prime intent of this essay is to critically evaluate the use of social media on Small and Medium Hospitality Enterprises (SMTEs). In this regard, High Beeches B&B has been selected as one of the SMTEs for critical evaluation of the above stated subject matter of the study…
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, all the bedrooms and other hospitality services of the organizations are highly decorated that would attract the tourists at large. It is also observed that High Beeches is one of such SMTEs, which extensively used the notion of social media in order to generate greater awareness about is respective products and/or services to the worldwide customers. Besides this, the organization has also undertaken the strategy of promoting its products and/or services by selling and distributing through Trip Advisors and others.
Contextually, in order to undergo a successful study of the topic with regards to High Beeches B&B as the organization, a literature review is performed through the support of relevant and recent scholarly articles. Furthermore, a case study of the selected SMTE i.e. High Beeches B&B is conducted by using the approach of qualitative methodology with the greater focus on secondary sources. In this regard, for the successful completion of the case study, the current scenario of the SMTE has been comprehensively studied. It also includes the identification of the problems faced by the SMTE relating to the use of social media for promoting its respective products and/or services. Finally, certain effective solutions have also been framed for resolving such problems in the form of providing recommendations and a valid conclusion has been made in the lasts section pertaining to the case study.
In this modern era of a competitive business environment and the evolution of pioneering technological advancements with regards to communication, it is often observed that a majority of the corporate houses of this contemporary world use social media networking sites to promote their respective products and/or services. The use of social media for promoting the products is equally applicable for the SMTEs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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