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The Impact of Social Media on the Rare of Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises - Essay Example

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This work was set out to use a questionnaire to collect data on the impact of social media on the growth and development of small and medium scale enterprises. The choice of this particular aim is the fact that social media is gaining so much popularity among internet users today…
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The Impact of Social Media on the Rare of Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Social Media on the Rare of Growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that there is a major weakness with the questionnaire in terms ethical consideration. As an academic research, it is expected that the researcher makes a lot of provision for ensuring ethical protection for respondents. Some of these ethical protections should include the assurance of anonymity of respondents. The researcher must also keep responses highly confidential. Such assurances make respondents highly confident too in the answers they provide. The questionnaire should have therefore had a preamble that gives respondents these ethical assurances. What is more, there is a repetition of questions throughout the questionnaire. There are questions that have been reframed in different ways but seek to collect the same piece of data. There should have therefore been a better mopping up exercise to rid the questionnaire of repeated questions. Again, the questionnaire lacks clear-cut categorization of questions with headings. In the absence of such categorization, respondents are often confused on what a particular question is seeking to find. In this event, they may misunderstand the questions and answer them in different contexts. In future research, there would be conscious effort to present the questions in a more presentable way by clearly stating question numbers and categorizing the questions according to a minimum of four major themes. The questionnaires were distributed among two hundred respondents. These respondents were selected from different industrial backgrounds including hospitality, education, health, entertainment, transport, financial service, manufacturing, politics and so on. This was to ensure a large representation base. Among the two hundred respondents, the chart below represents those who use social media and those who do not. After the data on the use of social media were collected, the researcher grouped the responses according to the field of industry. This was done in order to find the time of industries that practiced the use of social media most. In this regard, it was found that business to customer enterprises used social media more often than business to business enterprises After identifying which of the respondents used social media and which did not, the researcher went ahead to find out the specific social media that was used by these enterprises. The reason for collecting this particular data was because the literature review had proofed that some of the social media networks were more popular than others. The researcher, therefore, wanted to find out how the popularity of a particular social media network influenced and impacted the reasons for which the respondents were using them. The chart below represents the allocation of respondents and the kind of social media network they used. The researcher sought to find from respondents, the reasons why they used social media. This was an important data because the literature review has revealed that using social media serves diverse purposes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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