Comparison between NGOs and GOs, that work to conserve or preserve biodiversity and the environment - Essay Example

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Conservation of the environment has been the top one priority in many organizations that have taken upon the mandate of ensuring that the environment is conducive for both living and non-living things. Generally, three types of organizations are involved in ensuring…
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Comparison between NGOs and GOs, that work to conserve or preserve biodiversity and the environment
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Download file to see previous pages A good example of such an organization is the United Nations Environmental Programme. Lastly, there is the Non-governmental organizations that work independently from the government to protect the endangered and threatened areas and species such as the Greenspace and WWF. This essay will focus on the Intergovernmental and non-governmental organization where they will compared and contrasted to understand their role and activities in the restoration and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.
United Nations Environment Programme is one of the agencies in the United Nations that organizes its environmental activities helping developing countries in implementing sound and practical environmental policies and practices (Gunter, 2004). World Wide Fund for Nature, on the other hand, is a non-governmental organization that works globally on issues relating to the research, conservation and restoration of the environment. Additionally, the Greenpeace is another nongovernmental organization, which ensures that the earth has the ability to nature lifecycle in all its multiplicity. Moreover, it focusses on campaigning on international issues such as deforestation, climate change, commercial whaling, anti-nuclear issues and genetic engineering.
Therefore, although the organizations are managed by different organizations they all works towards the same goal and that is conserving the environment. Additionally, the both non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations helping in creating awareness over global issues that affect the environment and the species that live in it. However, although conveying several similarities there are various differences that include the methods on which the goals of each organizations are reached (Swiderska & International Institute for Environment and Development, 2008). For example, Greenpeace uses research, lobbying, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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