The cause of Japan's nuclear pollution and afluences on environment - Essay Example

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More specifically, Japan suffered immensely from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the completion of the Second World War In the years that followed, Japan…
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The cause of Japans nuclear pollution and afluences on environment
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Download file to see previous pages This meant that Japan joined the United States and other countries interested in the utilization of nuclear power for the economic benefits and promotion of peace. Most importantly, the atoms for peace movement served to highlight the alternative uses of nuclear power contrary to what had existed previously. Prior to these initiatives, nuclear power was of central interest in the development of nuclear weapons. Over the years, Japan has established numerous nuclear plants and has benefited from them immensely. Worth noting is the fact that the country has over 50 reactors, which contributed to about 30% of the county’s electricity supplies. Japan has to invest in alternative energy sources such as nuclear power because it imports over 84% of its energy. The country has established policies that govern the utilization of nuclear power. However, investing in nuclear power poses numerous risks to the environment. The case of Fukushima is an evident illustration of the nuclear pollution that took place in Japan. This paper will discuss the causes of Japan’s nuclear pollution as well as the effects on the environment.
As highlighted above, Japan has invested immensely in developing nuclear power research stations. The main purpose of indulging in research as well as establishing numerous radioactive reactors was to develop energy solutions for the country. The potential of nuclear power and energy cannot receive any form of underestimation. The developed world has often regarded nuclear power as the basis of the future energy supply (Evangeliou et al 351). With the increasing overdependence on nonrenewable energy sources, countries such as the United States as well as Japan have focused on developing alternative energy sources from nuclear power. Japan has established policies that define its ventures in the development of nuclear power (Hayashi, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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