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Legionella:Public Health Enemy #1 US Water Systems - Research Paper Example

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Legionella has been termed as public health enemy number one in United States water systems due to the health risk associated with the outbreak of the disease. This research paper provides a describes health risk associated with water systems in the United States including the…
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Legionella:Public Health Enemy #1 US Water Systems
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Download file to see previous pages This is followed by the third section, which is a summary and conclusion on the highlighted information about the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria. Part four of the paper address the root-cause of the problem highlighting reasons for the system to fall, people involved and the subsequent death and sickness associated with outbreak related to Legionella bacteria. The last section is about possible correctable solution that will increase the efficiency of water system therefore resulting in greater prevention against growth and spread of Legionella bacteria.
Legionella is a bacterium that causes Legionnaires disease, which is an infection that results in severe pneumonia. Most of the infected groups of people contact Legionnaires disease from inhaling Legionella bacterium. Majority of the reported cases of Legionnaires disease have been found to be caused by Legionella pneumophila, although there are instances of other species of the bacterium, some also existing in soil. Additionally, some of the patients recording mild illnesses such as Pontiac fever have also been found to be infected by the Legionella bacterium (Hubbs, 2014; Bartram, 2007). It is now known that infection resulting from Legionella bacterium can result in two forms of illnesses whose early symptoms resembles that of flu. Some of those infected can proceed to develop pneumonia and systemic illness while others get Pontiac fever that is associated with mild illness. Research on the reason why the same bacterium can cause two different illness patterns remains inconclusive (Altman, 2006).
Evidence show Legionella pneumophila exists in soil and natural water supplies, which has resulted in its presence in many re-circulating and water supply systems. Favorable environmental conditions for rapid breeding and breeding of the bacterium are temperatures degrees of around 35° C, pool of stagnant water and water with debris that act as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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