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I was always aware that the state of the environment is particularly important not only for the lives of animals, but above all to human health. However, after completing this course, I realized that my initial ideas about the relationship between the environment and human health are incomplete. …
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Asthma and cancer as a result of air pollution
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Extract of sample "Asthma and cancer as a result of air pollution"

A Short Feedback of Learning How have your opinions and views of the environment around you and how it affects health has changed (or not) after completing this course? Give examples if possible.
I was always aware that the state of the environment is particularly important not only for the lives of animals, but above all to human health. However, after completing this course, I realized that my initial ideas about the relationship between the environment and human health are incomplete. The course allowed me to get a large amount of valuable and useful information that reveals the link between the environment and human health. In particular, I did not know that according to recent studies that diesel engine exhaust is one of the factors that can lead to the development of cancer.
2. Explain why you choose the topic area of your Final Paper. Was this important to you or was it a common theme of the media pieces included in the forum discussions?
I chose the topic of air pollution since I have always been convinced that the air quality is particularly important for human health. This topic is really important to me, because like other people, I also I want to breathe clean air.
3. Briefly discuss one of the environmental health problems and one possible solution you identified in your Final Paper. You do not need to write anything new and can summarize what you wrote in your Final Paper to share with the class.
One of the most complex environmental health problems is associated with a high incidence of cancer among people. The problem is that unfortunately the principles of Environmental Justice are not respected. People from poor families including those belonging to national minorities suffer more than other people, because they live in conditions that affect their health, in particular being the cause of cancer. In addition, these people do not have access to qualified health care, which allows to detect and treat the disease. For this reason, I suggest the following solution: it is necessary to take care of creating equal opportunities for all people, both in terms of health care, and in terms of the living conditions of people.
4. Were you able to include principles of Environmental Justice throughout your work in the course? Why or why not?
Yes, I was able to apply the principles of Environmental Justice, since in particular the study of the relationship between cancer and air pollution allowed me to discover that in many cases a violation of the principles of Environmental Justice is the reason for the wide spread of the disease. Read More
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "Asthma and cancer as a result of air pollution " helped me out a lot! Especially the list of structure was valuable.

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