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Environmental engineering report- flocculation - Assignment Example

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The prime intent of this assignment is to make relevant arguments regarding the flocculation technology in the modern day context as an environmental engineering mechanism is to improve the water. The necessity, importance and entire process of flocculation have been taken into…
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Environmental engineering report- flocculation
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Download file to see previous pages Proper designing, construction, and minimizing mechanisms are essential for protecting the environment and thus, the process of flocculation is regarded as a significant environment engineering techniques that helps to provide purified water. Thus, the report postulates that the flocculation technology is one of the superior environmental engineering processes to reduce the perilous and harmful substances that are generally present in the water, but the chance of errors remain in the process due to utilization ineffective chemicals.
Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering technology in order to respond to the challenges imposed to the environment. Besides, with the growing population, the extensive land-uses, modernization of technology, increasing operational activities and other factors has led to a significant threat to the environment. However, through this growing concern various environmental engineers are engaged in the activities to develop and provide most noteworthy and technical solutions in order to effectively deal and resolve the environmental problem and issues through the optimum utilization of necessary resources. The main object of the environmental engineering is to improve the condition of the natural environment through providing healthy air, water and land supporting the human habitation as well as a prospering ecosystem. In this regards the flocculation is an indigenous engineering mechanism to treat the wastewater. This mechanism is used to neutralize as well as aggregate the various ‘colloidal particles’ that are present in the water. Moreover, this mechanism is utilized to reduce the hazardous substances, color, phosphorous, organic substances, and metal traces including iron, chromium and manganese present in the water. Moreover, due the significant characteristics of colloidal suspension present in the water, it is difficult to separate through the conventional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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