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The analysis is pragmatic as it offers an exclusive elucidation of the scenario that led to capsizing of the Amoco Cadiz that is recorded as the largest oil spill that had devastating effects on the ecosystem. The 1,604,500 barrels of crude oil belonging to Shell was from Kharg…
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Amoco Cadiz
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Amoco Cadiz The analysis is pragmatic as it offers an exclusive elucidation of the scenario that led to capsizing of the Amoco Cadizthat is recorded as the largest oil spill that had devastating effects on the ecosystem. The 1,604,500 barrels of crude oil belonging to Shell was from Kharg Island, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Ras Tanura. Importantly, the harsh weather conditions encumbered the flotilla from pumping oil out of the wreck; the northwesterly winds spread the heavy pools of oil 72 km of the French seashore while the predominant westerly winds overindulged the spilled-oil 160 km east across the shoreline a month later (Patrick,1982). It persisted in the form of asphalt crust and continued rescinding marine life. The spill affected vacationer’s shores at Plougasnou and rock beaches of Perros-Guirec and Tregastel. The rough sea contributed to the rapid emulsification of water and oil, which further convoluted the cleanup scuffles making the sea wary forever. Devastatingly, fishermen continued fishing despite the sheer fact that fish had developed skin tumors and ulcerations (Patrick, 1982). Despite destroying marine ecosystem, the tragedy transpired through the food chain into human beings and affected several generations.
Two weeks after Amoco Cadiz grounded, its effects were felt far-flung and evident. Simmering with indignation, inhabitants of injured communities initiated a frantic battle against the mischance (Patrick,1982). Despite the French media’s attempt to verbose the apocalyptic images of the enormous oil slick, the entire nation was traumatized with the tragedy. Astilleros, the manufacturer, was indicted under the tort of negligence where the affected local communities and the government received 190 million euros after 14 years of multifaceted proceedings. The significant effects of the tragedy gave the French government an inordinate opportunity to review its Polmar Plan (oil response strategy), to create Cedre, and acquired Polmar stocks. This was in an effort to curb future marine accidents and augment environmental fortification and conservancy.
Patrick, L. (1982). Major Technological Risk - An Assessment of Industrial Disasters (Oxford; New York). Pergamon Press. ISBN 0-08-028913-4. Read More
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Amoco Cadiz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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