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Project ManagementTo Build a Log Cabin as a Case - Essay Example

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Project management refers to the application of skills knowledge, techniques, and methods to execute projects-non routine specific operations that are designed to accomplish one or a set of goals-efficiently and effectively. It involves y activity and process of organizing,…
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Project ManagementTo Build a Log Cabin as a Case
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Extract of sample "Project ManagementTo Build a Log Cabin as a Case"

Download file to see previous pages The goal of this project is to ensure that it remains within budget and that is completed within the stipulated time; most importantly, the project aims at ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the final product; beautifully built log cabin, just as the customer wants and expects it to be. This project report is made up of the following critical components and aspects.
This project first analyses the projected project schedule and items, as well as the corresponding cost of each project activity; this I done by using two important project management tools, a network diagram, and a Gantt chart. Secondly, this report endeavours to analyse the main factors that may affect the progress and completion of the project. For instance, risk analysis is carried out, with the focus being on the main risk that might affect or impede on the success of this project; for this purpose, a project risk assessment form is used.
The third part of this report looks at the project’s emergency plan; these entails the prediction of would be risks and proposing corresponding changes aimed at mitigating the identified risks. Additionally, this report discusses the quality aspect of the project; deals solely with the question of quality control. This entails factors such as project cost control and customer satisfaction, particularly, customer communication. Scheduling and time related issues are also addressed in this section with aim of ensuring that the timely completion of project activities as well as the entire project is guaranteed.
Finally, this report reflects on the entire project and offers some conclusion regarding the project; this is with regards to the risk level and the overall quality of the project. This project enables us develop the ability to analyse and solve problems, and enables us to become more objective and rational thinkers.
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