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We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat." (Marianne Williamson). Pollution is a very serious global concern as this pollution is having a direct and a harmful effect not only on the environment but as well as on the…
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ISO 14000
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ISO 14000 AFFILIATION: ISO 14000 "This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat." (Marianne Williamson). Pollution is a very serious global concern as this pollution is having a direct and a harmful effect not only on the environment but as well as on the people. And this severity of effect is the reason that has led the environmentalists raise their concerns on the matter. Every human being is a stake holder of this mother planet and as this planet has given us the favor of dwelling in it, in return it is our duty to take every step to save the mother land.
Industrial waste is the largest contributor to the environmental pollution; it is an unwanted by-product of the raw materials. It is the utmost responsibility of the corporate to dispose of this materials that the contamination to the nature i.e. air, water and soil to the least levels. Recycling is also regarded as the most preferred “waste management strategy” (Cheremisinoff,2001). Along with it local and community based initiatives should be taken to control the emission of toxics from the waste. Researchers suggest that prevention from the pollution, by the usage of less pollution producing products, helps the organization to increase the efficiency, this also boosts the financial stability of the company (Maystre and Spiegel, 2011).
In order to make the corporate to put in the right amount of efforts the consumers as well as the government also needs to play in their role and should force the corporations to take the right measures.
Cheremisinoff, N. P. (2001). Handbook of Pollution Prevention Practices, U.S.A, Taylor & Francis.
Maystre L. and Spiegel J., (2011). Environmental Pollution Control and Prevention, Geneva. Read More
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