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From earliest period, human beings have acknowledged patterns in nature: tides and lunar cycles, night and day, the varying seasons, plant sequence, and animal relocation. While…
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Multimedia Creative Project
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Multimedia Creative Project The human and nature coexistence as displayed in my video formed the theme or basis of this work. From earliest period, human beings have acknowledged patterns in nature: tides and lunar cycles, night and day, the varying seasons, plant sequence, and animal relocation. While acknowledging patterns brought great survival gain, people are currently in danger from their own success in population increase and altering those sequences for their own purposes. Nature and Human Society gives a wide-ranging discovery of these and other basic questions about people’s relationship with the environment (National Forum on BioDiversity 10).
According to Richard Louv’s ‘The Nature Principle’ he tells of how the entire family and whole societies can get happier, smarter and healthier through more encounters with the natural world (Louv 10). In this project, one out of his ten reasons why children and adults need vitamin-N is analyzed. The reason I chose is ‘Nature can reduce depression and improve psychological well-being (5).’ Scientists in Sweden have discovered that joggers who practice in natural green environments feel more reinstated and less angry, anxious, or depressed than individuals who burn the similar amount of calories exercising in a constructed urban setting (Louv 10). The reason I pick this reason is that in my video I experienced what the Louv’s discusses. When I was along the road in between the vegetations I felt restored and breathe fresh air that made cycling very enjoyable. The environment was green and lovely thus a place to reduce depression and improves psychological health. However, a long the town center it was dull, congested and no fresh air (Louv 10). This is an indication that doing exercise within the town is less enjoyable, cannot reduce depression or improve psychological well-being.
Researchers have developed models that can be used to associate human and nature. One of those models is HANDY (Human And Nature DYnamics) (Haila 100). This was originally constructed on the basis of predator-prey framework or model. Here the human population is taken as the predator, while nature, the natural possessions of the adjacent environment, can be seen as the prey, exhausted by humans. In animal frameworks, carrying capability is an upper limit on long-term population. The moment the population exceeds the carrying capacity, phenomenon such as migration or starvation bring the population back off (Haila 100). . However, in the circumstance of human communities, the inhabitants does not essentially begin to reduce upon passing the limit of carrying capacity, since, unlike animals, people can amass large surpluses in form of wealth and then draw down given resources when creation and formation can no longer attain the needs of expenditure. This introduces a diverse kind of impediment that permits for much more composite dynamics, fundamentally varying the behavior and yield of the model (Haila 100). This is a clear indication that human and nature has coexistence model that must be preserved.
In conclusion, human and nature must coexist for the benefit of universe. People become healthier due to nature presence and nature can be preserved by human activities. The video and theme of this paper is based on nature/human coexistence.
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