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Besides some that get in to lakes and other ecosystems as they loiter the environment, the essay is correct in its assertion that many of them are supplied…
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Response to the essay on Goldfish Response to the essay on Goldfish The claim that goldfish has been discovered in places like Lake Tahoe is true and it is supported by most media coverage. Besides some that get in to lakes and other ecosystems as they loiter the environment, the essay is correct in its assertion that many of them are supplied through pet stores. The fact that goldfish multiplies fast can support the claim of the essay that if a fish sample is taken from Vasse River, 60% might be goldfish. However, the assertion that global warming enhances the spread of invasive species might not be entirely true because even some invasive species are affected by global warming. Preventing people from bringing more goldfishes into the Australian western coast and tracking down where these fishes hide to survive the winter are possible ways of addressing the issue of goldfish invasion and so the claim that there are no clear ways of addressing might not be entirely true (Falck et. al., 2007).
One of the things that can be added on this topic is that the other way in which goldfish is dangerous to the ecosystem is that it stirs up mud that thereby increasing cloudiness in the water and hindering the growth of aquatic plants. Additionally, goldfish is carrier for koi herpesvirus that is dangerous to the native fish populations (Falck et. al., 2007). Finally, goldfishes are spread by boaters, anglers and paddlers, and inspecting the boat and equipment and removing all mud, water plants and animals before moving into a new water body can help reduce the spread of the invasive species.
Falck, M., Olson, D., Garske, S. & Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. (2007). Invasive species program 2006. Odanah, Wis.: Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. Read More
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