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The following study assignment would focus on representing an environmental-saving plan which will help to save animal species. Moreover, the paper "Habitat Conservation Plan" will discuss the aspects of forming such plan, describing the key factors and arguments…
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Habitat Conservation Plan
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 Habitat Conservation Plan With the increasing population various animal species are at risk of extinction. Animals need some things to surviveout of which the most important is a correct habitat. The habitat is a certain set of environmental factors. In a correct habitat an animal can move, reproduce and feed freely. From deserts, forests, grasslands and tundra a set of species can find their correct habitat anywhere. Commercialization, industrialization and urbanization have imposed great threat to habitats and have led to the endangerment of many species. The major problems that arise due to excavation of habitats are habitat loss, habitat degradation and climate changes. To overcome these problems a conservation plan is required to protect the habitat and species, because by protecting habitats, wildlife is protected and prevented from becoming extinct.
Habitat conservation plans work for the betterment of endangered species. These plans serve as a lifeline for the species which are extinct or are on the verge of extinction. Endangerment of species is a rising problem due to which many habitat conservation plans have surfaced in the past few years. These plans work in accordance with the scientific data available which the scientists bring to their full use. When the plans for conservation of habitat are made ground rules are set. These include assessing the status of a species which is endangered, predicting the project effects and outcomes, mitigating for those effected, and monitoring the final results (Harding, 2001).
The plans that are made make full use of the scientific data available on the species of animals or plants that are at the risk of extinction. The basic rule that these plans follow are initiation of mitigation measures against the local threats that the species face. The main problem that these plans face is that the number of endangered species is high but the budget the government puts aside for these conservation plans is less.
The article brings reflects upon the fact that due to urbanization, industrialization and commercialization various species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. Their habitats are being exchanged for the use of humans. Due to these problems ecologists and scientists have accelerated their collaborations on making plans for the conservation of habitats. Scientists make their plans by the assistance of the information that is available to them from previous studies and researches. This article points out that at a time a single species can be dealt with. By doing this, scientists can pay their full attention to a certain animal which is on the brink of extinction.
The key points the authors put forward are that the information on the majority of endangered species that are present should be put to use for the setting of outlines so that plans can be carved out for the protection of these species. The author also highlights that in making a plan for conservation of habitat mitigation measures should be taken against the most important local threats to animals and their environment.
Harding, E. K., Crone, E. E., Elderd, B. D., Hoekstra, J. M., McKerrow, A. J., Perrine, J. D., Regetz, J., ... Group, N. H. C. P. W. (2001). The Scientific Foundations of Habitat Conservation Plans: a Quantitative Assessment. Conservation Biology, 15, 2, 488-500. Read More
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Habitat Conservation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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