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Air conditioners consume energy which could be supplied by energy sources such as coal or oil generators. These sources emit pollutants like greenhouse gases which…
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Smart air conditioner
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Benefit of Smart Air Conditioner to Environment Smart air conditioner would keep the environment clean by conserving energy used in air conditioning. Air conditioners consume energy which could be supplied by energy sources such as coal or oil generators. These sources emit pollutants like greenhouse gases which are harmful to the environment (Government of Hong Kong, 2014). Should universities start using smart air conditioners, the units could be programmed to operate just when need be as noted by Karol (2014). Therefore, instead of generating energy to power the air conditioning units even when not in use, the generators would only operate when need be. As energy is conserved this way, the amount of pollutants from such sources would also be reduced therefore protecting the university environment from pollution.
Additionally, smart air conditioner would keep the university environment clean by reducing on the pollutants released from air conditioners. Air conditioning units are said to contain refrigerants. According to Northern Ireland Protection Agency (2014), these refrigerants contain hazardous substances like fluorinated gases (F-gases) and ozone depleting substances (ODS). Some air conditioners have deodorants which could release chlorofluorocarbons, CFC, when in operation. These compounds gradually damage the university environment, depleting the ozone layer, the reason for global warming. The smart air conditioner mitigates this menace by reducing the time of operation of air conditioners by programming operation only when in use (Karol, 2014). This minimizes on the amount of these compounds emitted and also reduces the environmental exposure time thus curbing on the pollution of the university’s environment.
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