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Smart Green Technologies - Research Paper Example

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Smart green technology refers to the new environmental innovations that are construction, renovation and operation of houses and homes utilizes. It aims at making the…
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Smart Green Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages Conservation of energy achieves this role of repairing. Imperatives responsible for controlling energy consumptions utilizes all environmental aspects are being by the help of ICT data centers. Opportunities that can be offered by ICT in helping economies respond well to the drastic effects of climate change are coming to the limelight. These opportunities will make the environment smart with low amounts of pollutants like carbon in the air. Designing of low cost equipment’s that provide value to the end users proves smart. Such equipment that develops from various technologies forms the discussion of this paper (Astorino n.d).
Thermostats control the turning off and on of both air and temperature conditions, in businesses and homes. Some people still retain thermostats that tune for the same temperatures throughout the day. Most people do also use digital programmable thermostats that can set for different time periods at different temperatures. These settings last during the day and night. Thermostats whose temperature adjustment settings satisfy the interests and desires of all consumers are now available. Nest learnable thermostat is one such example.
Nest learnable thermostat programs itself at different time intervals. It has a patented auto way feature. Auto way is a feature that uses a sensor which keeps track of all activities within the house. It monitors the heating or cooling needed as one moves around the home. When activity ceases for few hours, the machine goes into auto way mode. This turns the temperature settings to either a maximum or minimum that one has preset into its program. The nest learnable thermostat monitors a home at a 150 degree wide angle view sensor. It is in use at an average of nine homes out of ten. The machine is flying off the shelf at a high rate with a friendly cost of $249.00. It sets home temperatures to save money by at least 20% of the expected costs (Thiele 2-10).
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