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The author describes sick building syndrome (SBS) as a phenomenon that arises in a building in which a section of occupants experience different degrees of nonspecific uneasiness or diseases subjugated by sensual reactions (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg. 119). SBS is primarily caused…
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Unit IV Assessment#2 Sick Building Syndrome
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Unit IV Assessment 2 Sick Building Syndrome The describes sick building syndrome (SBS) as a phenomenon that arises in a building in which a section of occupants experience different degrees of nonspecific uneasiness or diseases subjugated by sensual reactions (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg. 119). SBS is primarily caused by biological contaminants, chemical contaminants from indoor and outdoor sources, and psychological factors like perception of visual, audio, and thermal environs (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg. 120). The causative agents become disastrous due to lack of enough ventilation to bring freshly air to the occupants of the building. The agents coagulate in the rooftops and walls and people end up inhaling the particles in them (Wargocki et al., 2000; pg. 72). The biological contaminants inhibit respiratory activities thus causing SBS.
SBS has been associated with several symptoms. The major symptom is a feeling of acute discomfort that results from throat, nose, and eye irritation, headaches, sensitivity to stenches, dizziness, fatigue, dry and/or itchy skin, and inability to concentrate. The occupants also have trouble in breathing, an inordinate feeling of weariness and tiredness. These symptoms fluctuate from person to person depending on the degree of exposure to the contaminants and the type of SBS (whether type 1 or type 2) (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg. 121). Though the symptoms are increasingly becoming prevalent due to occupants spending most of their time indoors, no medication for SBS has been discovered.
The long lasting solution to SBS is improving the building techniques to improve structures and make them less problematic (Wargocki et al., 2000; pg. 104). This is attained by ensuring that buildings are fitted with ventilators and chimneys that absorb the contaminants and allow inflow of fresh air. The number and efficiency of HVAC ventilations should be improved. However, the short term and immediate solution to SBS is leaving the building (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg. 120). Those affected by SBS report feeling better after leaving the building, to acquire fresh air.
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