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Poor people in India can hardly afford LPG, which is a clean fuel, due to their modest income and end up using biomass. Biomass is…
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Unit IV Assessment#1 Biomass Exposure
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Unit IV Assessment Biomass Exposure The calculatingly compare biomass with LPG to designate the adverse effects brought about by poverty and ignorance on the use of fuels. Poor people in India can hardly afford LPG, which is a clean fuel, due to their modest income and end up using biomass. Biomass is considerably cheap as compared to LPG but releases more PM10 (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg.138). The authors’ objective was to ingeniously inform that people use biomass although they know that it is detrimental, not because they fancy it but are forced by their financial positions. It was also a pertinent comparison of the adverse effects of biomass as compared to LPG, expertly intended to discourage people and governments to avert using biomass.
Exposure to biomass affects the length of the menstrual cycle. In most cases, oligomenorrhea (extended cycles) is common (22.2%) while 7.5% of women exposed to biomass experienced short cycles. The prolonged cycle is disadvantageous since it increases the risk of preterm delivery, stillbirth, and abortions (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg.150). Biomass significantly changes the levels reproductive hormones in females. However, biomass combines with physical fatigue and stress related to poverty and affects the endocrine system thus leading to oligomenorrhea.
Mothers exposed to biomass smoke deliver babies with a low birth weight because:
Biomass increases the level of CO in the blood thus hampering blood oxygen circulation to the fetus and overall development of the fetus (Bruce et al., 2000; pg. 67).
Biomass smoke causes oxidative stress to the mother thus causing cellular injury in the mother and some cells in the fetus are also dwindled (Gurjar et al., 2010; pg.152).
Biomass smoke affects the mother’s respiratory system and the baby is unable to obtain enough oxygen for respiration and development.
The author significantly emphasizes the effect that biomass smoke has on women and the population in general with the aim of dispiriting people from the prevalent use of cheap fuels that are dreadful.
Bruce, N., Perez-Padilla, R., & Albalak, R. (2000). Indoor air pollution in developing countries: a major environmental and public health challenge.
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Unit IV Assessment#1 Biomass Exposure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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