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Conservation managment Plan for Lancaster University grassland - Essay Example

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Lancaster University, now officially known as the University of Lancaster, is positioned among the top research university in the United Kingdom (Tsekos, Ioannes, &…
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Conservation managment Plan for Lancaster University grassland
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Download file to see previous pages The institution is known for its extremely catchy setting and environment. The biodiversity of the campus is breathtaking (Cameron & White, 5). This enhances the quality of education since the image of high quality environment enhances good education outcomes to the lecturers, students and staff of Lancaster University. This article is going to survey the Conservation management plan for Lancaster University. The site that is chosen as topic is the universities grassland. Therefore, the article is going to name factors affecting the grassland at Lancaster University, features involved in the grassland, management objectives and rationale for features and/or factors and management action plan and order of priority.
Grassland can be described as places where most of the vegetation is grass. Grassland is generally found in all continents since it grows by itself. The only place where there is no grassland is the Antarctica because of the chilly conditions, and mostly the ground is covered with snow thus hindering grass growth (Rich, 28). The University of Lancaster however, has very good climate which encourages the growth of a vast grassland area. Lancaster University sits on a large 264 acre piece of land. The land tenure is slightly above 50m elevation (Cameron & White, 10). The soil that encourages grassland growth at the institution is clay soil. The clay soil is good since it is rich in nutrients however, the soil is impermeable thus water is retained at the surface (Cook, 11). This means that plants that do well are ones that do not have long searching roots like plants. This is the reason why grass does well in this region. In addition, clay soils are heavily saturated in rainy climate which means shallow water tables thus water bodies can be easily made through craters. A well known crater is Lake Crater (Rich, 40).
Grassland at the University of Lancaster can be said to be improved that is, it has been taken care of unlike ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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