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“Thunderheart”, was a 1992 movie directed by Michael Apted displaying an FBI agent’s journey towards solving a murder in a Native American reservation. Conversely, “Blood Shot”, was a novel authored by Sara Paretsky depicting the exploits of an FBI agent tasked with…
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Book and Movie
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Hazardous waste “Thunderheart”, was a 1992 movie directed by Michael Apted displaying an FBI agent’s journey towards solving a murder in a Native American reservation. Conversely, “Blood Shot”, was a novel authored by Sara Paretsky depicting the exploits of an FBI agent tasked with the job of uncovering the truth behind her the disappearance of the father of her former classmate. Both works were fictional; however, Apted and Paretsky’s choice of location mirrored real life locations. Meaning, scenic descriptions in the movie and novel resembled South Dakota and Chicago respectively to some extent. Discussed below is the impact of hazardous waste on the environment, regulations of municipal and industrial waste, possible interventions to environmental degradation in relation to the movie and the novel.
The world’s population is steadily increasing due to improved access to health care and technological advancements in the healthcare sector. These in turn reduced infant mortality and prolonged the estimated lifespan of both males and females. The rapidly increasing population generates large amounts of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. In the US, a 2012 study done by the country’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that the US population generated 251 million tons of municipal waste recycling only 34.5% (87 million tons). EPA’s estimates propel the US to the top of the list with regard to highest waste output per person. The high waste output automatically strains existing waste management measures instituted by both the federal and state governments. As a result, common to all states are landfills scattered all over each state containing heaps of non-biodegradable waste, which contributes to the rapid degradation of the environment. Worsening the situation, is the large amounts of industrial waste output from the vast number of industries operating in the US. In her novel, Paretsky (40) contrasts Chicago’s polluted industrial districts with the posh Coast. Apted’s depiction of the rolling mountains and scenic backdrop in the Native American reservation in South Dakota contrasted against the rusting automobiles and dilapidated houses mirrors Paretsky’s description.
Due to the hazardous nature of industrial waste, the government’s way of managing industrial waste differs from the management of municipal waste. Legislative directives compel industries to find suitable methods of disposing their waste guaranteed not to pollute the environment. For example, unsanctioned dumping of industrial waste generated by industries in water sources attracts hefty legal punitive damages. Currently, paper and yard waste account for the highest waste output in US (EPA). Mitigating the problem of pollution resulting from high municipal output requires sensitizing citizens about alternative waste disposal methods. Through different agencies, the government lobbies for reusing and recycling of non-biodegradable waste materials such as glass, plastics and metals. For example, different companies that provide waste management services furnish their customers with different garbage disposal bins making it easier for both parties to sort through municipal waste (EPA).
In conclusion, the rapidly increasing population strains current waste disposal facilities contributing to further degradation of the environment. However, the implementation of intervention strategies customized to reduce waste output such as recycling and reusing non-biodegradable materials helps in the conservation of the environment.
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