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Jackson Township, NJ Landfill - Research Paper Example

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Jackson Township Landfill In 2010, the Ocean County recycling program of Jackson Township was able to collect 170,000 lbs. of waste materials considered to be hazardous to human health. These consisted of assorted chemicals like pesticides, toilet cleaners, herbicides, silver polisher, bleaches, used oil, used gasoline, chemicals to develop pictures, paint, thinner, and many more…
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Jackson Township, NJ Landfill
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Download file to see previous pages When people participate in the proper disposal of such garbage, the community is better able to maintain the sanitation and safety of various waterways and the surrounding land of New Jersey. In October 20, 2011, the same collection routine was announced by Jackson, NJ (2011). The latest garbage classified as health hazard was very recently brought to the attention of the people by Phil Stilton (2012). Those materials involved the “rigid plastics” that can be recycled after they are sold for $90 per ton. Practically any item made of plastics, whether they are furniture or containers, broken or old flower pots, except for specified plastics like grocery bags, vinyl, plastic pipes, stretch film, milk cartons, water hose, medical garbage, and other similar containers – have to be properly disposed and can be recycled. The landfill operated by Jackson Township was the object of a complaint filed and which reached the Supreme Court way back in 1987. In the case of Ayers versus Township of Jackson, the complainant sued for damages because his water well got contaminated with toxic pollutants. The Supreme Court ruled Jackson Township guilty and was ordered to pay the complainants an aggregate amount of “$15,854,392.78, to be divided among the plaintiffs in varied amounts” according to Stein, J. (1987, p.1). ...
$8,204,500 was the expert’s estimate of the medical surveillance cost following exposure to the possibility of cancer and whatever other diseases can be realized as a result of toxic chemicals found in the drinking water. What chemicals did investigative reports find in the water wells and traced to the Jackson Township Landfills? The Supreme Court was informed by experts that the landfill polluted the water wells with “acetone; benzene; chlorobenzene; chloroform; dichlorofluoromethane; ethylbenzene; methylene chloride; methyl isobutyl ketone; 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane; tetrahydrofuran; 1,1,1-trichloroethane; and trichloroethylene....” (Stein, J. 1987, p.1). Over 150 residents testified in court to complain against the chemical contamination of their drinking water. They all showed their emotional stress resulting from not having potable water for years. More specifically, because complainants needed potable water in the absence of their natural source, they were rationed their water supply in “40 gallon barrel containing a plastic liner filled with water” (p.2) which weighed 100 pounds. Residents actually experienced arthritis trying to fetch water for their needs out of the heavy container, everyday and multiple times a day just to be able to wash, cook, take a bath, and have drinking water. It was pronounced to be a primitive quality of life. People suffered anxieties, depression, fear, and stress as a result of living such a pattern daily. 88 of them showed signs of psychological disorders or problems. Furthermore, homeowners were so frustrated about the negative effect of having a landfill nearby because it devalued their properties. Potential buyers pointed to the landfill ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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