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There are many species of animals which are smaller in size. Killing of animals of such small sized species will result in their extinction from the face of the earth. Road kill also results in loss of valuable…
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Your full April 20, Consequences and Prevention of Road kill Fauna mortality is one of the main consequences of road kill. There are many species of animals which are smaller in size. Killing of animals of such small sized species will result in their extinction from the face of the earth. Road kill also results in loss of valuable animals, like pets or imported animals. Not only animals get injured and die, but also the vehicle owners face the risk of injury or death. Vehicle gets damaged if the driver takes such a turn to spare the animal that it may get struck with another vehicle. This results in economic losses of repair and cleanup of vehicles. Also, those places which are set reserved for tourism get bad scenic impact when tourists see dead animals on roads.
There are two very important mitigation measures that must be taken to prevent road kill. One is bringing positive change to vehicle owner’s behavior, and second is changing animal behavior. Vehicle owner’s behavior can be changed by informing drivers about the consequences of road kill and spreading awareness in the society through seminars and media. Such places should be supported with road signs, proper signals and speed bumps where wildlife loiters on roads frequently. Roads may be colored so light that animals are more visible, and may also be protected with fences. Animal behavior can be changed by discouraging them to loiter on roads which can be done by removing their food resources from nearby the roads. There should be guards standing on frequent intervals on roads to move wandering animals away. Read More
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Roadkill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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