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Sustainability in Global Business: Company chosen Emmi in Switzerland - Essay Example

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The company focuses on the development, production and marketing of a wide range of dairy and fresh products. In addition, the company produces and trades in Swiss…
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Sustainability in Global Business: Company chosen Emmi in Switzerland
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Download file to see previous pages As a point of departure, Emmi has endeavoured in enhancing sustainable production activities and the careful use of resources for numerous years. This is intended to present satisfactorily standards of food that satisfies the market niche as well as safe and of high quality ( The production should be based on economic production. On equal measure, the customers anticipate that the sustainability strategy should be attributed to the continuous fall of prices. This brings us to the conflicting situation of satisfying high quality and superior brands relative to low prices at Emmi. This study finds out that Emmi endeavours in employing sound and competent technological environment strategies that are linked with the energy –intensive processes. This makes Emmi an example of a responsible entrepreneurship entity.
It is imperative to note that, sustainability forms the foundation of the Emmi Mission statement, to which all employees subscribe with their upbeat approach in a bid to sustain unwavering commitment to the environmentally friendly corporate management. It is imperative to note that, Emmi’s sustainability strategy is based on three pillars, which include a balance between ecology, economics and social commitment ( The three pillars are based on an indisputably practiced corporate society and values that are steady with the corporate philosophy. This brings us to the analysis of the environmental impacts and the anticipated change over the next 40 years relative to the Emmi’s sustainability potential in the global business.
According to the Emmi’s environmental policy, the organization is committed to an environmentally friendly corporate management and behaviour system. This study finds out that Emmi does not use any genetically modified organisms in its development and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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