Global Warming: A Hoax or not - Assignment Example

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The articles summarized in the paper highlight the controversy between pro-global warming proponents and its opponents. It discusses how a group of organizations keen on rubbishing existence of global warming have come up with computer models to emphasize their assertion while at the same time, cites various scientific evidence to further the hypothesis behind existence of global warming…
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Global Warming: A Hoax or not
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Global Warming: A Hoax or not The articles summarized in the paper highlight the controversy between pro-global warming proponents and its opponents. It discusses how a group of organizations keen on rubbishing existence of global warming have come up with computer models to emphasize their assertion while at the same time, cites various scientific evidence to further the hypothesis behind existence of global warming. Notably cited is the 1979 climate report claiming global temperatures are likely to rise by between 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius unless carbon emissions are controlled. Further, the articles note that most talks aimed at addressing climatic issues have yielded no nontangible course of action.
Other than the pro and anti-global activists, the reports also present two other distinct groups with regard to the changing global climates. These are the Naysayers vs. Consensus. Accordingly, the articles describe the naysayers as those who hold the opinion that the sun is responsible for a huge chunk of global warming while the consensus group includes those who believe that the small change in solar output over the past 50 years is too small to explain the levels of warming recorded globally. This group concedes that the pattern of warming witnessed has some human touch, in addition to being natural.
Also notably pointed out in the articles are the arguments by those who oppose the existence of global warming. Firstly, these global warming existence critics have questioned why temperatures in some areas are getting lower if there is really global warming. Secondly, they have argued that the recorded temperature rises report temperatures around urban centers citing the fact that most climate stations are located around major global cities. The authors’ notes that these doubt spreaders (as the article refers to them) are the main reason behind lack of a firm decision to deal with carbon emissions. A case cited is The Rio treaty called for countries to voluntarily stabilize their greenhouse emissions by returning them to 1990 levels by 2000 (As it turned out, U.S emissions in 2000 were 14 percent higher than in 1990) (Samuelson 5). Also cited as an impediment to cut on carbon emissions are the revenues generated from top industries which lead in carbon emission. Most countries are unable to accept the losses of revenue they would incur if such cuts were implemented. The question the first article leaves in the mind of its readers is, is global warming an issue of the past as naysayers argue or is it a currently existing threat.
The second article is as well precise on its assertion that critics of global warming are an impediment to a realistic action on the same. At some point the author states, “This "denial machine" has obstructed action against global warming and is still "running at full throttle: a key point in this article is that by 2050 almost 70% of carbon emissions will be attributed to developed world (Begley 1). Further, the article points out another realistic obstacle to real measures aimed at curbing emissions. In the articles writing, it states, “Even the fantasy would be a stretch. In the United States, it would take massive regulations, higher energy taxes or both. Democracies dont easily adopt painful measures in the present to avert possible future problems.” This is indeed a valid argument. Ultimately, it is a reality that the debate around global warming is more a quandary than its possible solutions are.
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