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Critical Thinking on Global Warming - Essay Example

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“Global Warming” (Image results at: Introduction Global Warming is an overall augmentation in temperature of the planet consequently leading to climatic changes. These changes are owing to heat ensnared by various green house gases encompassing carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs and ozone…
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Critical Thinking on Global Warming
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"Critical Thinking on Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages It is therefore global warming is alarming for the planet ("Global Warming"). Studies reveal that the temperature of the Earth has increased by 1°F ever since 1900 and it is increasing at much rapid pace since 1970. This augmentation in the temperature of the planet is called Global Warming. Normal greenhouse gases allow only sunlight and impede other hazardous radiations from reaching the Earth’s surface. An increase in temperature is due to emancipation of various gases called as green house gases encompassing smokestacks, vehicles, fossil fuels, appending to the standard Earth’s greenhouse effect. Researchers have estimated that if this rise in temperature will continue it is going to have devastating impact on climate patterns resulting in drifts, melting of glaciers and elevation in the sea level ("Climate changes"). Recent studies show that tundra is in threat along with Greenland where 32 glacial earthquakes occurred at Richter scale of 4.6 to 5.1, a mark of destabilization of the planet. Recently, Indonesia faced earthquake of Richter scale 8.4. Catastrophes are on rise, red dust was witnessed by people of Australia and USA, hurricane Katrina is an example! Human race is witnessing a global emergency and climate emergency making global warming an International issue of concern ("Global Warming Is An International Issue"). Such reports from scientist keep on pondering human beings but still no concrete measure could be formulated to prevent global warming. An analysis is required to understand the ignorance towards the environment. With the advent of industrialization and to meet the escalating demands of growing population, more industries are being set up for the production of finished goods and job opportunities. For all these set ups and for residential requirements; forests are constantly depreciating. Deforestation is on the rise to create space for these set ups. Plants are depreciating and therefore lesser number of plants are available to take up carbon-di-oxide, again contributing to Global Warming. Approval for construction is obtained through the politicians. In the name of development and progress, politicians are endorsing majority of the developmental projects without giving a thought and concern about the environmental hazard inhabitants are going to witness due to the construction process. In most of the developing nations there is no control over the escalating population as politicians are concerned about their 'votes'. Had they been concerned, the population of the world would not have escalated. Politicians are the ruling bodies of any nation, and it is highly imperative that they must be aware about the happenings going around and should be judgmental in their thoughts and actions to formulate the policies that can promote growth and development in an environmental friendly manner. The present article deals with the political concern about the global warming and what leaders have to say, how concern and aware they are about this serious issue. International Concern for Global Warming The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is one of the foremost international organizations working for the evaluation of climatic change. It is developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to offer the world with a clear scientific view about the state of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Warming
The purpose of this research is to attempt to get the scientific community to agree that global warming related variables can be combated more efficiently with better cooperation. Take politics, economics, greed, and self interests of various governments out of the debate and merely focus on the facts, and labeling the problem whatever you desire, can and will support worldwide comprehensive improvements.
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With the increasing awareness and scientific knowledge, there has also been an inclination towards gaining information regarding the world and the climate around us. The concept of global warming, unlike other theoretical issues, is not only an abstraction, but is one of the most countered phenomenons.
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Global Warming
The researcher of the paper "Global Warming" aims to analyse the causes and effects for global warming and gives some suggestions how these problems can be solved. Global warming is caused due to different reasons, a few of which are natural and other are caused by humans. The following causes of global warming are discussed in detail in the paper.
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Global warming
A warmer Earth enabled man to live in and create an environment suitable for his needs. However, as man became more industrialized, the Earth became warmer and warmer. One news report says that global warming has stopped since there has been a period where there was no recorded change in the Earth’s temperature.
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Cooperation against global warming
This easy to understand guide offers good examples, clear explanations and scores of practical activities to facilitate understand at every stage. The article 'Global warming requires a global solution' is found on page 209 of Critical Thinking Skills as a practice activity designed to foster critical thinking skills.
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Global Warming
Emissions from vehicles are perhaps the greatest cause of global warming as there are millions of vehicles on the road that release harmful fossil fuels. Deforestation, which is the destruction of forests, is another major
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