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Global disaster - Research Paper Example

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Some of the global disasters include floods, air pollution, droughts, tsunamis, tornadoes, nuclear blasts, cybercrime, and earthquakes. Global disasters have led to property destructions, deaths,…
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Global disaster
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Extract of sample "Global disaster"

Download file to see previous pages Ultimately, the paper draws a conclusion on why drought is important, the effects of ignoring it, and the need for future research to address this global disaster.
Scientists agree that drought is hazardous to the environment and relates to the scarcity of water in the earth surface. Apparently, the globe is encountering alarming water levels in MENA that define global drought. As such, drought is a global disaster subject to its adverse effects on the environment and global population especially in the developing nations (Pozzi et al. 776). The 2012 National Drought Forum report asserts that drought is the third most dominant global disaster after floods and earthquakes. Drought has been a prevalent global disaster for almost three decades subject to the magnitude and frequency of its motivation factors. It is inherently difficult to understand and define drought since its effects vary from one region to another.
Different nations have distinct ways of defining drought. Generally, drought emanates from the lack of precipitation in a given area for a long time (The National Drought Mitigation Center 1). We can only define drought in seasons and shortage of water supply in the environment. Humans consider drought with reference to precipitation where we assess the level of dryness and the duration of a dry season. The consideration relates to meteorological drought that applies to a specific region as defined by varying precipitation levels (Saddleback Educational Publishing 17). Hydrological drought is another form of drought and relates to how decreasing precipitation influences stream flow, soil moisture, reservoir and lake levels, and groundwater recharge (Saddleback Educational Publishing 17). Moreover, we have agricultural drought that relates to a situation where the level of water supply cannot meet agricultural water demands (Saddleback Educational Publishing 17).
There are various ways that drought can occur. Numerous scientists have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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