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With the growing population and depletion of natural resources, there is great need that people learn how to conserve energy in all the daily activities. Various human activities have led to environmental degradation and this in turn has affected the energy sources. The scarce…
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Energy Conservation With the growing population and depletion of natural resources, there is great need that people learn how to conserve energy in all the daily activities. Various human activities have led to environmental degradation and this in turn has affected the energy sources. The scarce energy resources calls for people to learn how to conserve energy from within their homes or disaster may be waiting in the coming years.
As an environmental enthusiast, I have always had the urge to conserve the environment and I came to learn over the internet that environmental conservation begins at home by simple steps of reducing energy consumption. Proper sealing and insulation can help reduce the energy consumption at home (Leonard, 2007). For instance, a home with cracks that allows excessive airflow in the house causes the heating and cooling appliances to over work thereby consuming a lot of energy. To achieve this, there is need for homeowners to use the recommended R-valued insulators during construction, which may be a challenge especially when one is buying a home. The use of energy saving appliances is another simple step towards reducing energy consumption at home (Chiras, 2011). For instance, there are energy saving bulbs recommended by the U.S department of energy. These are just a few steps of reducing energy consumption at home.
The development and production of vehicles that can use alternative energy sources has also been seen as advancement towards energy conservation. The U.S Department of energy (2013) gives the use of natural gas as one of the alternatives. The use of natural gas has one major advantage that it is renewable thereby offering energy security compared to using gasoline. In addition, I would consider using natural gas because it gives the same results of engine power just like gasoline and conserve the environment at the same time being it has low emissions (PNSC energy, 2014).
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