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One of the pollutants discussed by many people in the modern world is the ground level ozone that results from a chemical reaction between oxides, organic compounds described as volatile and the nitrogen. The presence of sunlight serves to enhance the speed of this reaction…
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Environmental Protection Environmental Protection One of the pollutants discussed by many people in the modern world is the ground level ozone that results from a chemical reaction between oxides, organic compounds described as volatile and the nitrogen. The presence of sunlight serves to enhance the speed of this reaction. This kind of pollution is attributable to the rise in industrial emissions, electrical utilities, and exhaust from motor vehicles, vapors emanating from gasoline and chemical solvents. The media have given increased attention to these pollutants. The ground level ozone is of concern because of the potential risks it poses in terms of health, climate changes, and food security. Ground level ozone has been described as having the capacity to spread easily, a factor that increases the risk of it exerting its adverse effects on the environment and people (Amann & World Health Organization 2008).
The ground level ozone is highly hazardous contrary to the protective upper ozone. Experts have highlighted that it causes a chronic level of lung disease to infected people. Its adverse effects are more evident in children because of the size of their lungs. Moreover, affects vegetation and natural ecosystems (Gillespie, 2006). This explains why the ozone has caused turmoil in the ecosystem today. The environmental protection agency has initiated programs of reducing ozone pollution. Moreover, there are regulatory measures that define high protective standards as well as voluntary and community efforts to minimize ozone pollution. Evidently, everyone needs to assume more responsibility in environmental protection, and definition of stringent regulations.
American Brass Site Superfund
The American Brass site Superfund has an acreage of 148 and is located in Alabama, specifically in north Dothan in Henry County. This Superfund was on the national priority list in 1999. The former brass-smelting site was assessed by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and had hazardous contaminants. These included metals such as boron and lead as well polynated byphenols. After the assessment, a cleanup process of the site followed. From the available data on the EPA website, the cleanup process is complete and human exposures at the site under control. This information serves to inspire communities to institute programs of environmental preservation (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013).
Amann, M., & World Health Organization. (2008). Health risks of ozone from long-range transboundary air pollution. Copenhagen: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe.
Environmental Protection Agency. (2013). Final NPL sites - By state. Retrieved on 26th January 2014 from
Gillespie, A. (2006). Climate change, ozone depletion and air pollution: Legal commentaries within the context of science and policy. Leiden [u.a.: Nijhoff. Read More
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SCIE210 U4 DB Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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