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Value Stream Mapping and Interviews with Michigan Steel Company - Term Paper Example

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In the report, it is stated that the Michigan Steel Company deals with the manufacture of steel (an alloy of Carbon and Iron). Steel is a raw material to a wide variety of products such as vehicle chassis building to the building and real estate. …
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Value Stream Mapping and Interviews with Michigan Steel Company
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Download file to see previous pages The production lead time is also reduced by analyzing the primary data obtained from observing actual processes in the company’s factory. Further, this paper discusses the methods employed in the analysis and drawing of Michigan Steel Company’s value stream map. These methods are vital in the calculation of the cycle time, changeover time and uptime. The number of shifts for each worker and EPE (every part every) is also calculated. The target number of pieces is also recommended. Finally, the paper concludes by giving the results of the entire project and further discusses them giving recommendation where necessary.
The value stream technique is mostly used in the design and analysis of information and material flow that will bring a product or service to the final customer or consumer. Furthermore, the technique also aims at using minimal resources whilst maximizing production. In the analysis of this one is required to draw a current state map that illustrates the whole value stream mapping technique employed. This paper shall embark on discussing the current state map for the Michigan Steel Company and evaluate is value mapping technique.
In order to successfully analyze the technique at Michigan Steel Company, the entire chain of steel production is broken down into discrete levels of production and information flow. The step by step flow from production is evaluated and the lead and processing time taken to complete the production is also determined. The route taken by the product until it reaches the State Street Assembly (customer) is also illustrated in the Michigan Steel Company’s current state map situation. This paper shall then discuss this process’s methods, results and efficiency.
The biggest problem met by Michigan Steel Company was the relevant optimal lead time for the entire production process. This necessitated the team to set up objectives that are oriented towards goal achievement.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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