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Political Conflicts in the Middle East Makes the Regional Water Managment Problems More Acute (Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan) - Essay Example

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This research, Political Conflicts in the Middle East Makes the Regional Water Managment Problems More Acute, is conducted to get insight into the water resources and conflicts of Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel and also to provide with the possible solutions provided by the concerned authorities…
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Political Conflicts in the Middle East Makes the Regional Water Managment Problems More Acute (Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan)
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The Middle East is known for world’s largest oil reserves which serve as one of the most important sources of revenue generation to these countries. In the meanwhile, these countries are facing an extensive shortage of underground water1 which has resulted in extensive water crisis as a result of political conflicts in the Middle East and has produced more acute water management problems. If we look into the entire world’s water distribution, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are the scarcest regions in this regard.
According to NASA’s newly generated report, twin gravity recovery and climate experiment (GRACE) satellite have released new images regarding water shortages in the areas of Middle East. It has been reported that two of the most important rivers, named Tigris and Euphrates, which are extensively responsible to cultivate Middle East region, are undergoing frightening water shortages.
GRACE works on the calculation of gravitational pull based on water density present in the given region. The data received shows that Tigris and Euphrates have the second fastest rate of decrease in water storage level in the world. Reasons for extensive water loss in this region are given below:
Therefore, countries like Syria extensively depend upon desalinization of sea water to meet the water crisis but it has a number of negative impacts on the environment with an increase in boron and bromine compounds in the region, which are hazardous. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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