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The extension of time allows students to spend little more time to learn about the environment and the problems face by the world. In Venezuela just like many countries in the world earth…
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Earth week
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s Earth week Earth Week normally runs from 16th of April to Earth Day which happens to be on April 22nd. The extension oftime allows students to spend little more time to learn about the environment and the problems face by the world. In Venezuela just like many countries in the world earth week is celebrated with an aim of the planet and also help it inspire environmental conservation. Earth day which marks the end of the earth week is set aside to promote environmental awareness and better ways of protecting the earth. It was first celebrated in 1970. Since this day was a great success, it cemented minds of people concerning issues of environmental importance which further led to communal concern and political priority. Many governments on that note enacted laws which include protection of endangered species of animals and plants, maintenance of clean environment, safe drinking water among other much legislation. With time a great success was recorded on institutionalized land, air and water protection.
Issues affecting local communities are given attention on the earth week and more so teachings conducted on field of natural calamities such as flooding and how best to deal with them. It also serves as an avenue where to express their growing consciousness of the environment. Events are organized in such a way to enable exhibition of displays that provides information on recycling or non-biodegradables. The internet has served as an important tool in the earth week since it enables reach billions of people in awareness creation. The internet helps in linking of activities around the world such as the pictures of the environmental scenes after the first world earth day and subsequent anniversaries.
Most world organizations and other environmental based organizations have really facilitated the success of the events in terms of environmental activism, and other educational programs
Effort is not only geared towards the earth week success in campuses and colleges only but even beyond. To ensure effective match of the objectives, it calls for corporate involvement. Wide range of activities is in that regard organized. Such activities involve campus, colleges and general environment general clean up, community service which is environmentally related, public speaking on the importance of environmental conservation coupled with efforts to put such into practice.
To mark the peak of the Earth week celebrations Geographic photo editors always select most of the earth’s stunning pictures as seen from the space by NASA satellites which reveal the earth’s green nature. This besides helping in other activities and events are used by environmentalists and environment based organizations to improve the environmental conservation efforts.
Therefore all activities and events of the Earth week have been paramount in environmental conservation efforts ranging from satellite pictures, demonstrations and environmental awareness campaigns. Governments and other environmental organizations have also played a major role in the successfulness of the earth week.
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