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Mineral soil particles are a combination of silt, sand and clay sized soil constituent parts not forgetting organic matter. Sand contains the largest unit of particles while clay contains the smallest…
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Stream process
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Stream Process There are millions of combinations of soil attributes across the world region. Mineral soil particles are a combination of silt, sand and clay sized soil constituent parts not forgetting organic matter. Sand contains the largest unit of particles while clay contains the smallest bits if particles. In class, we actively engaged in experiments to determine how water moves in the sand depending on the level of size of the encompassing elements. Water moves steadily where it finds that there are spaces within the sand and sinks at a very fast rate if one compares to other soil structures and organizations. The teacher decided to split us into three groups so that we could all take notes and come to a unanimous or different decision all together from our observations.
Water moves in a straightforward line and it contains a very destructive force that enables it to create this path. We noticed that it was able to penetrate the sand in all accounts due to the large air spaces found between the particles. In addition, the water moved the sand over small distances where this is often referred to as displacement. However, the water did not move linear when there were obstacles in the course. It either cut deeper where the material was too strong such as rocks also changed the entire direction of flow where the material was completely impermeable forming features such as meanders (John 67).
Protecting the rivers is a taxing activity that is very challenging to those who decide to undertake the exercise. A revitalizing and restoring community waterfront makes the rivers focal points for the municipalities and ensures minimal wastage of water. It is important to modify irrigation systems, intake systems, canals and dams to guarantee safe fish route and the protection of ingoing stream flows. Looking at the effects of climate to rivers, it is noticeable to conclude that high temperatures lower the volumes of water in rivers and this might lead to the river drying up. In comparison, the rainy season overloads the rivers making them flood areas and this might alter the normal flow of the water (John 99).
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John, Knechtel. Water, Cambridge: Mit Press, 2009. Read More
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