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Kia Soul as a Combination of Economy and Facility - Case Study Example

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The paper entitled 'Kia Soul as a Combination of Economy and Facility' presents Kia Motors which was introduced to the world in the year 1944. In their initial years, they produced bicycles and their first product was introduced in the market in 1957…
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Extract of sample "Kia Soul as a Combination of Economy and Facility"

Download file to see previous pages More models were developed each year and in 1999 the group of Hyundai and Kia Motors was developed. In 2002 the company broke the mark of producing 10 million units. Over the years Kia started to introduce its plants all over the world and formulated its Headquarters in the US in the year 2009. In 2009 Kia also introduced its Soul model to the world with the establishment of its US Head office. They have won various awards over the years (Nudd).
Kia Soul is a combination of economy and facility, the car was first shown to the world in 2008 in the automobile show that was held in Paris. The Soul was designed at the U.S to headquarter and was designed under the team expertise of Peter Schreyer and is assembled in South Korea. 2009 was the first year that the car was presented to the customer for sale and use. Over the years the company has established different models.
At the time KIA Soul was introduced to the market the only competition it had to face was from the automobiles produced by Nissan and Scion. Nissan and Scion produced models that had their attractive features at the same time they lacked other and Kia was the model that was the choice of many customers, because of its soft shape and vital inner features.
The first pictures show off a fat hamster trying to exercise his way to fitness, alongside the hamster and fitness the second picture shows a car designer to trying to make a new and improved model of a car, the third picture is the transformation of created model into a designed model, the fourth picture is the transformation and the new product in the market and the fifth is the linked to the first picture where the hamster was working hard to become fit, and the efforts have been paid of reflected in the last picture. The two things simultaneously show that one can achieve anything if the right efforts are placed into the work.
At the beginning of the ad, they show three fat hamsters who want to get smart, in order to get smart they make a thought process, starting with running on the beach, to the gym, and treadmill, yoga and ending with swimming. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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