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If the population continues to grow at an exponential rate that it has been, it will be hard for the planet that is available to grow food on to be able to produce the amount of food needed for all…
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Your F. 6 March Food vs. Biofuel Crops While the population is increasing, so is the food that is used for consumption. If the population continues to grow at an exponential rate that it has been, it will be hard for the planet that is available to grow food on to be able to produce the amount of food needed for all of the population to survive. More land will have to be utilized to grow food and turn in to agriculture. Instead some items that could be used for consumption, such as corn, is also being used as a biofuel. When looking at the article in “Scientific American,” it seems as though crops that grow in certain areas, such as rice, are already being grown at their utmost potential. According to this article, in 2050, there will be a point where we have to look at other areas that have thus far remained untouched and determining whether or not that portion of the natural environment that animals and birds live in will be destroyed simply so we have somewhere to grow consumable goods (Cassman).
When looking at the article in “Time Magazine,” the author suggests that this topic of food versus biofuels is hot among environmentalists. Some know that we need the food to survive but using these consumable goods as a source of energy is also environmentally efficient to store up fossil fuels that are non-renewable resources. This article surprisingly suggested that corn as a biofuel is not really as efficient as people believe and that the corn could feed more people than it helps out as a source of energy. An interesting perspective in this article suggests that there could be a plant that is grown that is non-consumable by humans but could be used in place as a biofuel instead. There would then be a balance as suggested by the research that found that switchgrass was a better source of fuel than corn ethanol (Walsh). Looking at both perspectives and understanding what is already known, this is a problem that was addressed in both of these articles, five years ago. The problem has continued and there is still no answer. But who will fund the research to find an alternative? I think that the growing population will continue to the point where we are without enough resources but I do not believe it will occur in my lifetime. However, it is an issue that will be faced in the future and should be thought about immediately.
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