The Position of Biofuels In Europe Currently - Literature review Example

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The requirement of biofuels has been witnessing an increase owing to its use with regard to the transport segment as a reaction to the issue of energy security as well as concerns regarding climate alterations…
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The Position of Biofuels In Europe Currently
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Download file to see previous pages The rising consciousness with regard to the environmental problems have augmented the degree of emphasis on the production of biofuels and promoting it to be a fresh energy source. It needs to be mentioned in this context that Europe has been identified to be amongst the leading producers of biodiesel. This particular form of fuel was found to symbolise a major portion of the biofuels market in Europe (The European Association for Bioindustries, 2007). Europe has been found to further encourage the usage as well as production related to the biofuels with the help of numerous strategies accompanied with many action plans. The Reason for Development of Biofuel in Europe The prices associated with oil which appeared to scale escalating heights of volatility along with the climatic alterations was turning out to be the grave problems which needed immediate attention and solution both nationally as well as internationally. The ‘Kyoto Protocol’ which was developed by Japan made it mandatory for the member countries included in the European Union (EU) to bring down the level of greenhouse gas releases by 8 percent. This made the EU focus on the aspect of biofuel production (Gross & et. al., 2003). The production in relation to the biofuel was found to experience a sharp increase in Europe in the last few years owing to the need of trimming down releases of greenhouse gases. It was stated by Hammond & et. al. (2008) that the transport segment of Europe involved the major emission rates. It was further mentioned in this regard that spreading and enhancing the protection related to fuel supply was proficient of being attained by bringing down the immense dependency of transport on the fossil fuels (Hammond & et. al., 2008). The increase in the production was attributed to the development and application of the different policies that were undertaken and implemented by the European Union (EU). The EU had indulged in developing an assortment of directives for the reason of encouraging the European market related to biofuel. The EU was found to be aggressively engaged in structuring guiding principles which would aid in supporting and prompting in the market of Europe the usage of biofuel (European Commission, 2006). Therefore, the need for the production of biofuel in Europe was identified from the ‘Kyoto Protocol’. This made Europe embark on certain policies which were considered to prove encouraging for the production of biofuel. Second Generation of Biofuels & its Benefits to Europe The EU Commission was found to recommend in the beginning of 2007 an overall strategic aim which focused on restricting the boost in the international average temperature. This proposed plan was mentioned to be accomplished with the help of certain strategies. The definite set of strategies entailed the practice with regard to renewable energy to 20 percent in the year 2020, bringing down the degree of greenhouse gas releases by 20 percent and reduction in the consumption of energy by 20 percent. The most important strategy on which the proposed plan was based was mentioned to be the increase of biofuels by 10 percent by the year 2020. It becomes necessary to mention in this regard that the 10 percent increase of biofuels even entailed a net boost by 120, 000 in the field of employment which further entails the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of EU by 0.17 percent. These objectives were made based on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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