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The use of Algae in the Mediterranean - Research Paper Example

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Algae as a biofuel source for sustainable energy management Introduction Biomas as a renewable energy source can be used for producing biofuel by converting biological organisms or matters into other forms of energy. Biomas power plants use materials like wood and bagasse…
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The use of Algae in the Mediterranean
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Extract of sample "The use of Algae in the Mediterranean"

Download file to see previous pages Biodiesel is produced from oils and fats of animals and vegetables such as sunflower oil, palm oil, jatropha as well as algae. Sustainability of feedstock could be ensured in the case of algae fuel due to fast growth of algae. Development of technology for manufacturing biofuel using algae at lower cost and higher productivity assumes importance in this backdrop. High initial investment is an important barrier to the growth in this industry. This is expected to come down in the future through R&D efforts in the industry with the active support of governments and research institutions. Climate in Mediterranean and other sub-tropical countries is suitable for growing algae for producing algae based biofuels. Since the country of Cyprus is surrounded by sea with good port facilities, growing marine algae for producing biodiesel and the by-products based on this type of algae is considered. Also, increase in demand and good prices for the by-products and can reduce the overall cost of production of algae biofuels to make it more competitive in the markets. Conservation of natural resources Depleting fossil fuel sources of energy and growth in energy consumption over years cause serious threat to energy security of the world in the future. According to Scot et al. (277) “Microalgae offer great potential for exploitation, including the production of biodiesel, but the process is still some way from being carbon neutral or commercially viable. Part of the problem is that there is little established background knowledge in the area.” For achieving the desired progress in this area for the purpose of conservation of fossil fuels and for mitigating the effects of climate change, concerted efforts for the development of this industry on international scale is very important. McDonald (2012) stated that Biologists at US San Diego have made researches to establish that marine algae can be just as capable as fresh water algae in producing biodiesel. According to Kothari and Gujral (272) biofuels derived from algae and microalgae or genetically modified algae and genetically modified co-cultures of Shewanella and Synechococcus have been commercialized. It is further pointed out that algae fuel yields considerably more energy than fossil fuels and biofuels under development include Cellulosic ethanol, Algae fuel, BioDME, Fischer-Tropsch diesel, DMF, bio-hydrogen and biohydrogen diesel. The superior fuel efficiency of algae fuel compared to fossil fuel has been proved in driving Algaeus, a modified Toyota Prius car. "It got 147 miles per gallon in the city," says Fuel director Josh Tickell of the converted to plug-in Prius hybrid that he drove on a mix of battery power and algae fuel blended with conventional gasoline. (Biello) Project profile In a project for producing algae fuel several factors have to be taken into account such as capital investment involved, availability of suitable space for growing algae for the project, environmental clearances by the local bodies and the governments, infrastructural facilities available, growth, research and development in the industry, marketability of the products and availability of managerial skills and skilled labor. The country of Cyprus is considered ideal for the project to grow marine algae for various reasons. The government of Cyprus has taken initiatives for development of microalgae as an alternative fuel by partnering with leading institution in the region. “To foster the development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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