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It is important for a couple to conduct medical testing prior to marriage to protect themselves from the possible threat of STDs, AIDS and other life threatening diseases. Some people misunderstand the importance of blood testing prior to marriage and associate it with checking…
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Testiong prior to marriage
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Importance of Blood Testing Prior to Marriage: It is important for a couple to conduct medical testing prior to marriage to protect themselves from the possible threat of STDs, AIDS and other life threatening diseases. Some people misunderstand the importance of blood testing prior to marriage and associate it with checking the blood groups of the partner for blood-compatibility. However, such medical tests are conducted to check the partners of major life threatening diseases and to control the risk. Such diseases other than HIV and AIDs include syphilis, rubella, tuberculosis and gonorrhea which can infect the overall health of a person. By conducting the test, it allows the person to control and treat the disease medically before it infects the other person (Shmerling, 2012). Different states in America have their law and requirements that are mandatory for a couple to fulfill before marriage. Blood testing is considered essential in some states such as New York, Mississippi, Montana and District of Columbia. However, in Illinois, it is not mandatory to conduct medical testing prior to marriage. This law has not been effective in this state; although it has remained debatable that whether a couple should conduct a medical test prior to their marriage or not?
Islam and Medical Tests Prior to Marriage:
The issue of medical tests prior to marriage has been solved in the light of Islamic fiqh. Different Islamic scholars have permitted the tests in the light and judgment of fiqh of Muwazannat after estimating the pros and cons of the tests (Al-Bar, 1991). However, it should be made mandatory by the law and the society to conduct the tests.
Al-Bar, Muhammad’ Ali. (1991). Al-janin al-mushawwah wal-amrad al-wirathiyyah: al-asbab wal-‘alamat wal-ahkam, Dar al-qalam, Damas e Dar al-manar: Jeddah
Shmerling,R.H. (2012). The Truth About Premarital Blood Testing. [Available Online] accessed on 11th March 2013 Read More
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Testiong Prior to Marriage Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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