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Drug Abuse and Teen Pregnancy: Liberals and Conservatives - Research Paper Example

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This paper will discuss conflicting views of liberals and conservatives on drug abuse and teen pregnancy. The debates on drug abuse control have pitted the conservatives and liberals on opposing sides. Some of the social issues where conservatives and liberals differ in opinions…
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Drug Abuse and Teen Pregnancy: Liberals and Conservatives
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Download file to see previous pages Liberals emphasize that discrimination will maintain the illegal status of the distribution and sale of illegal drugs. According to liberals, such forced drug testing will hurt the right of individuals such as civil rights and welfare transfers to poor citizens. Liberals advocate for drug abuse legalization rather than forced drug testing or decriminalization in the welfare transfers. Liberals generally assert that drug abuse problem is as a result of social, cultural or psychological causes and mainly stems from inequality in the society. According to liberals, controlling drug problem should entail rehabilitation through education, employment opportunities generation and social skills enhancement. According to liberals, the solution to drug abuse would be to legalize drugs since individuals are capable of making rational choices of their happiness and lifestyles and abstain from drugs that are relatively harmful such as cocaine. The liberals support government-funded drug abuse treatment with minimum punishments and drug testing as an unwarranted intrusion on people’s privacy and liberty (Yee, 3). On the other hand, conservatives advocate for stringent crime control models like discrimination in social welfare transfers or lengthy imprisonment terms for people convicted of drug abuse. Conservatives try to maintain the status quo by asserting the drug abusers generally fail to succeed in the overall economic or political system thus making irrational choices that put them into trouble with the authorities. Conservatives advance the use of threat of punishment in order to control drug abuse thus rewarding a drug user with social benefits is immoral. According to conservative views, rewards and punishments will instill self-discipline to each citizen thus employers are right to deny drug addicts employment or stop any social welfare transfers to the drug abusers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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